Up close and personal!

We are days away from welcoming the first grandbaby to the clan Foard- daughter Lorie and husband Joel Waters are close to welcoming Evelynne to the outside world. They have relocated to the SC area so I have had the pleasure of feeling a few baby kicks, hear the heartbeat, and answer questions as they are raised about the impending birth.  I tell you, though, the new wee babes coming to my house for some feeding helps with their moms and dads are offering me a different perspective on the newborn days, knowing that Evey will be one of them real soon!  I am particularly watching the new parents perhaps a little closer and differently than I may have usually.... I think we lactation supporters can, with no ill intent, get a little on auto pilot with our advice and suggestions-- and I am as guilty as some at forgetting my active listening techniques at times in efforts to help others 'get it right'.  When you forget that first important step of listening, you run the risk of not getting it right...and when there is the family tie involved as well, it will behoove me to listen well indeed!  If mantras and whispered suckle wells to the inside Evey work, then all will be good-- I can't wait!!!  But if she has some pickle moments in those early days of figuring things out, I will need to let her mom also figure things out-- not just her Mimi!!!