"I took a breastfeeding class with Karen and instantly fell in love with her openness and candor. She allayed my fears and calmed my nerves and made me feel like I would be successful. When our baby was born, we had a couple of months of real issues with breastfeeding. Our son was little and had a weak suck and we had to use a supplemental nursing system and pump. Karen was with us every step of the way. She was emailing and calling my husband and she always had a plan. Her energy and confidence stayed with us. Our baby is now 7 months old, breastfeeding is super easy and convenient, and I owe our success to Karen. She has a true gift.”

—Tara Sollman, Client and Mother

"I've had Karen's class twice — once as part of an undergraduate course at Penn State and once before the birth of our first baby. As a dad, the information from Karen's class allowed me to be supportive and involved in something that is typically "moms only." Our baby struggled with feeding at first. After one consultation visit our family was confident with the breast-feeding plan and made it a full year! We'll be back for a refresher when baby 2 comes along. Thanks Karen!”

—Aaron Miller, Client and Father

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