Sometimes the books or pamphlets or other sources of information aren't enough.  If you know that getting some extra help, whether it is a quick phone call or email, or some eyes-on decision making, would be of assistance to you, call or send an email. The initial phone or email contact will provide me with the information I need in order to see if I think I need to see you and the baby, or perhaps just give you some tips over the phone/email for you to initially try.  

Call or email first:

If you get the machine, leave a detailed message with your contact information. 

When we talk, we'll decide if I need to 'do a feed' with you and the babe. 

Why might we want to get together?

  • Latch Concerns
  • Really sore nipples
  • Weight gain issues
  • Feeds just are not easy or comfortable
  • You just want to! 

What if things are mostly ok, but you need reassurance or confirmation that all is well? 

We'll talk/message — and if we decide to do a feed, we will! 

In-person consultations generally take place in my home. When we talk, I will give you directions and we will set up a time, scheduling around when we know the wee one will be ready for a feed.  Remember, I am also a teacher, so during the school year, those consultations will occur in the afternoons on the weekdays, or on Saturdays/Sundays.  We will make the timing work!