I love when I first heard about pumps that someone said, "all women already own two-- they are at the end of her arms!"  Hand expression is a great skill/ technique to practice- you never know when the power will go out, or you are stranded in traffic far from home and baby. Learn the technique here: Hand expression video

When a pump is preferred, think about need. For occasional use, a hand held manual pump can get the job done. The smooth action lever pumps (1)  (2) work very well.

When time is precious, or if there is a need to be 'harvesting' milk separate from the baby's eating, then the electric pumps, designed for pumping both breasts at the same time, can come in very handy. There are many of these motors on the market with the pumps from the "Big 3" (Ameda, Hygeia, Medela) being the most effective and reliable. That being said, any mom whose let-down is functioning well, whose supply is good and whose attitude towards pumping is positive could possibly pump well with the numerous others available at different discount and drugs stores. All the moms who use the brands other than Hygeia, Medela and Ameda don't call and tell me that they are working well- but I do get enough calls from those other brands' users which then doesn't allow me to wholeheartedly recommend their use.

Many insurance companies are now covering the obtaining of breast pumps. In our area, Penn State's insurance plan allows for the mother to get a Pump in Style. Other insurers are not as generous; each mom who is looking at needing a pump should contact her benefit's office and see if there is coverage available, usually through a Durable Medical Equipment provider. For families who are looking to purchase a double electric pump, I do stock and sell the Medela Pump in Style and the Hygeia LBI  and EXT. Call and let me know of your interest and we will talk price. The Ameda Purely Yours is usually available on-line at a better price than I could resell for. My prices usually match or beat many sales' prices for the Pump in Style and Hygeia motors- call and we can talk!

Pump Rental

 There are times that mother- baby separation or other circumstances (prematurity, illness or a non-latching babe) that may lead me to recommend the rental of the 'double pump super suckers'- the hospital grade motors that are powerful durable motors, especially useful to help initiate a milk supply.  I have Medela, Hygeia, and Ameda motors available for rent; different hospitals provide different pump parts for the motors they use at their institution-- I have motors that will work with any of those parts, thus not causing you the extra expense of buying new plastic parts. Call for details and costs.

Replacement pump parts

I have most parts {hoses, flanges (different sizes, inserts etc.)},  for any of the Big 3 brand pumps- call to discuss what is needed!